Union Connector for showing

Union Connector for showing

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Quick Connectors 1/4" Union Elbow Fitting Connection for Water Filters and RO Reverse Osmosis Systems

This Elbow Quick Push Fitting 1/4" tube x 1/4" Tube allows you to connect the tube directly. This fitting is designed for applications ranging from fridge water filters, water purification and RO systems. Made to the highest specification. It is designed for use in any cold potable water based application.

·1/4" push fit to 1/4" Push fit Elbow Fits Standard Tubing Used on Most RO Systems

·Manufactured from food grade, safe non-toxic FDA approved high grade polypropylene material.

·Suitable for use with temperatures 5 oC-60 oC

·Available in various pack sizes & ready for immediate dispatch

·Quick Push Fit Connections - Remove blue clip, put pipe in, replace blue clip