2”x10” Inline Sediment Filter 1/4” Female Thread

2”x10” Inline Sediment Filter 1/4” Female Thread

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2x10 Inline Sediment Filter 1/4 Female Thread 

Inline Sediment Filter. Primarily used after RO Systems ,Water Purifer, Refrigerator ,Coffee Makers or anywhere where you have a particles dirt,sand, rust etc. and want to bring the water clean. New type of media that is used in the health industry. Suit any water filtration system where healthy clearn water is desired.


·Dimensions: 2"( Diameter ) x 10"( Length )

·Minimum Temperature: 35  oF

·Maximum Temperature: 100  oF

·Inlet&Outlet connection: 1/4" Female Thread

·Filter Life: 6 month or 2000 gallons

·Filter Media: Sediment

·Flow Rate: 0.50 gallon per minute (GPM)

·Maximum Pressure: 125 PSI (8.6 BAR)

·Function: Remove particles, dirt,sand, rust etc.


·Ice makers

·Reverse osmosis systems

·Coffee makers


·Water Coolers

·and Others

ATTENTION: Install in code water application only

1-Shut off water supply

2-Note the flow direction on filter

3-Twist fittings tightly to both ends of filter and connect thread firmly

4-Turn on water and check for leaks.If leaks persisit,discontinue use and call your supporting dealer

5-Flush filter for 10 minutes before use