CTO-Black NEW with label -1PC

CTO-Black NEW with label -1PC

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PREMIUM Under Sink REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEM Replacement Cartridges Carbon Block Filter 2 3/4" OD X 9 7/8" Length, 1 Micron

The 1 Micron  Carbon Block Filter at filtration efficiency of 95%. It is made of NSF Certified Sintered bonded powdered activated carbon (PAC) media with Polypropylene Non-woven core and Wrap, Polypropylene end caps and outer netting.

Reduces chlorine ,Chemical ,Bad Taste, Odor and Suspended particles  in residential and commercial drinking water.


·Dimension: 9 7/8-Inch L. x 2 3/4-Inch OD

·Filter Grade: 1 Micron

·pH Range: 2 - 12

·Connection: Drop-in

·Initial pressure drop at 1 gpm: 10PSI

·Chlorine reduction capacity: 50,000 gallons at 1 gpm

·Operating temperature range:40 to 125 degrees F (4.4 to 51.7 oC)

·Fit for all standard 10-inch filter housing/bottle, Undersink Reverse Osmosis System or other filtration system with 10inch bottle


·Commercial or Househould Reverse Osmosis System

·Singe Housing Water Filter

·2 Stage Water Filter

·3 Stage Water Filter 

·Other Water Filter with standard Housing